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Secure your family’s financial future with United of Omaha

A Whole Life Guaranteed policy from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company (United of Omaha) helps ensure that your family may be supported in the future.

An insurance policy from United of Omaha helps provide financial protection to those who depend on your assistance every day. Benefit payouts can help fund costs such as daily expenses, unforseen accidents, and education funds.

    A Whole Life Guaranteed insurance policy offers:
  • Up to $25,000 in coverage
  • Guaranteed coverage for those aged 45-85
  • No medical exam or health questions
  • No decrease in benefits or increase in premiums
  • Builds cash value to borrow against

A Whole Life Guaranteed policy also includes a graded death benefit. If death occurs from natural causes (not accidental) during the policy’s first two years, the beneficiary will receive all premiums you paid plus 20 percent. Once the two year period ends, the beneficiary will receive the policy’s full benefit.

If you have any questions about a United of Omaha life insurance policy, please review our policy details page or speak with one of our licensed insurance agents** today. Our agents** can help you determine which policy and coverage level is suitable for your needs.

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company’s Whole Life Insurance is a basic policy that gives you coverage until the age of 85. It’s as simple as that!

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* $8.80 monthly rate is for a 45-49-year-old female for a $3,000 face amount.

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